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Server Colocation

Host your server in our New York data center

More information and online setup coming soon, in the meantime please contact our sales department.

We do not get involved with your purchase of servers, however here are some tips on what to buy:

  • Try to get the smallest size server that fits your current and projected needs. Data center space is measured in rack units ('U'), where 1U corresponds to 1.75 inches height. You can get dual quad-core processors and three or four disks in a 1U server.
  • Watch out for power consumption as this affects the price we must charge you for conditioned UPS and generator backed power.
  • Choose a brand name who you can rely on for quality hardware, timely service and support. We strongly recommend a reliable brand such as HP or Dell.
  • We suggest that you arrange a suitable level of on-site support from your hardware vendor, as we cannot support your own hardware and engineering rates will apply to diagnose and assist resolving problems.



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