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SSL Certificates

Generating a CSR

What is a CSR?

A CSR (Certificate Signing Request) is your formal request to have your SSL certificate signed. Although you may use an SSL key without it being signed (using a self-signed certificate), no browser will recognise it and will prompt the user with a security warning.

It is this signing service that you are purchasing when you buy an SSL certificate.

How do I generate a CSR?

If you have service with Sargasso, we will generate the CSR for your site ourselves. If you are with another ISP, they should generate it for you. Otherwise please consult the links below to determine the correct process for your webserver.

If your webserver is not listed, please consult its documentation for the CSR generation procedure.

What do I do with the CSR?

Paste it into our web form to complete your request. Depending on the certificate type, your request will go through an approval process. This is typically 10 minutes for QuickSSL, and 2 days for True BusinessID (which requires business verification). Once approved, your signed certificate will be returned to you by e-mail.

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